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After the Affy Tapple Caramel Apple Company was founded back in 1948, it became a beloved pastime for families in the Chicago-area to partake in our Caramel Apples and other treats. When our Clark Street store opened in 1952, kids and adults alike would stroll over for the freshest Caramel Apples at appealing prices. Today, there are a variety of ways to purchase your favorite Caramel Apples and treats Now we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary in Fall 2023.

Buy Affy Tapple Caramel Apples Online and in Stores

Often find yourself asking, “where can I buy Affy Tapple?” We’re here to help! In addition to obtaining our Caramel Apples and treats at stores in the Midwest and select retailers across the country, Affy Tapple fans nationwide can conveniently order bulk Caramel Apples online, and have them shipped right to their homes. We will send your favorite Affy Tapple treats directly to you. If you’re in the Chicago-area, visit our Factory Store in Niles, IL for Affy Tapple creations that can't be found anywhere else.

Treat Yourself to Our Other Affy Tapple Sweets and Snacks

We’re traditionally known for the best Caramel Apples in Chicago but offer other tempting treats as well! Chocolate lover? You’ve got to sample our irresistible Milk Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzel Rods. Whatever you’re craving, we have a treat for you.

Can’t wait to get your hands on some Affy Tapple Caramel Apples and Treats? Order today!