Affy Tapple's Continued Commitment to Food Safety

Here at Affy Tapple, we cherish the trust and confidence of the families who enjoy our caramel apples (“Affy Tapples”). For more than 65 years, we have earned that trust by producing a quality product that is delicious, wholesome, and above all, safe. We also want to make sure our customers have all the necessary information to be as confident about our products as we are.

Our food safety process begins at the orchard with carefully selected growers who understand USDA Good Agricultural Practices. It continues to our apple packers who have been carefully screened based on their implementation of industry specific good processing and food safety practices. These are the same suppliers that might provide fresh apples to your local grocery store. At Affy Tapple, we rewash and sanitize apples before we even begin the caramel apple process, utilizing the most effective technology to ensure safety from the very beginning. We continually monitor the effectiveness of our food safety measures through testing and independent audits.

Finally, we want to assure consumers that we take their satisfaction and safety seriously. Affy Tapple knows food safety is a continuum, not an end point, and we are committed to continual evaluation and improvement.

We look forward to providing consumers with high-quality caramel apples for at least another 65 years! Please contact our customer service desk at (847)-588-2900, if you have questions.

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