Affy Tapple is Redefining Quality

We believe making quality caramel apples is about more than simply using the best ingredients.


Product: As the creator of the original caramel apple, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. With more than 70 years’ experience, our caramel apple recipe has become a Chicagoland favorite. This experience has allowed us to source the freshest, often locally grown, apples and the finest toppings.

We also believe good for you and good for your taste buds don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Each Affy Tapple starts with a crisp, fresh, healthy apple and is low in fat (less than 10 grams per serving) and has 0 grams of Trans Fat, making Affy Tapples a great, healthy snack.

PROCESS: We are continually refining our caramel apple process. View our detailed process below to see how we’ve applied more than half a century of experience to bring you the perfect caramel apple each and every time.

PEOPLE: We believe it’s important to be an integral part of the communities we serve. From donating to local food banks to supporting the Illinois Golden Apple Foundation Award for Teacher Excellence, we are proud to give back to those in our community.


PROCESS: We are continually refining and honing the caramel apple process. Learn how we’ve combined more than half a century of experience with the latest technology to bring you the perfect caramel apple for your fundraising needs.

  • Our apples are grown by highly respected orchards and packers who meet our strict apple quality standards. These are the same packers that supply fresh apples to your local grocery store.
  • Upon arrival at our facility apples are inspected, cleaned, and only those that meet our strict size and quality criteria will become Affy Tapples.
  • Our secret caramel recipe is cooked in small batches using old fashioned copper kettles, just like we did in 1948 – but we’ve added cutting edge technology to monitor the process so each batch is cooked perfectly every time!
  • The selected apples (the lucky ones) get inserted with a clean stick, dipped in piping hot caramel, then rolled into yummy toppings (or none if you’re a caramel apple purist!).
  • After cooling, each Affy Tapple is carefully placed into protective packaging so it travels safely from our door to yours.
  • Everything we do is monitored closely so we know our processes are working correctly and the Affy Tapple you eat will be the highest quality, safest and best tasting caramel apple available.


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