Nutritional and Allergy Statements

Customer safety is our greatest concern. Therefore we share the following nutritional and allergen statements.

Nutritional Statements

Please download our nutritional statement in PDF form for the following product categories.

Nut Allergies

All of our caramel apples are manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts and other tree nuts.

Milk and Soy

Our famous caramel is made with milk and contains soy ingredients. Please use caution if you have or are unsure about any of these allergens.


The apples, caramel and all of the constituent ingredients from which our caramel is made, are completely gluten-free.  Most of the toppings applied to our apple products are also completely gluten-free.  For Affy Tapple, these include peanuts and confectionary sprinkles. 

However, the “Apple Pie”, “Graham Crunch”, and “Vanilla Cookie Pieces” toppings in the Affy Tapple line contain cookie pieces that contain gluten. 

The Affy Tapple products that are manufactured from gluten-free ingredients are shown in the table below.

Products manufactured from gluten-free ingredients:

  • Affy Tapple plain
  • Affy Tapple peanut
  • Affy Tapple sprinkle (all colors)
  • Affy Tapple Triple Chocolate
  • Affy Tapple Party Colored Chocolate Drops
  • Affy Tapple Milk Chocolate Almond
  • Affy Tapple Double Chocolate Crunch
  • Affy Tapple Chocolate Candy Pieces
  • Affy Tapple Chocolaty Peanut
  • Affy Tapple Gourmet Peanut
  • Affy Tapple Gourmet Plain
  • Affy Tapple Gourmet M & M
  • Affy Tapple Gourmet Almonds
  • Affy Tapple Gourmet Sprinkles
  • Affy Tapple Gourmet Triple Chocolate Chips


While the items listed above are manufactured from gluten-free ingredients, the plant in which they are produced also produces products from ingredients that do contain gluten.  Thus there is a possibility that trace quantities of gluten may be entrained in otherwise gluten-free products, through the air or other migration paths.

Technically, our caramel does not contain gluten. However, all of our apples are made on a line where there is the possibility for cross-contamination (we do make hand-dipped pretzel rods and other products with gluten). Furthermore we do use some ingredients with gluten in our products like vanilla cookie pieces, apple pie, graham crunch, buncha crunch and cookies ‘n crème. Lastly we cannot vouch for the gluten free status of some of the ingredients we get from our distributors. People with celiac and other gluten allergies have different levels of tolerance to trace gluten.

There are people who are allergic to gluten and they consume our apples – but we cannot legally make a claim that they are gluten free.​

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