Find Affy Tapple Caramel Apples Near You


Not sure where to find Caramel Apples near you? See the list of stores below are actively carrying Affy Tapple products closest to you:

1.            Aldi (Nationwide)

2.            Brookhaven

3.            Caputo’s

4.            Festival Foods

5.            Jewel/Osco

6.            Mariano’s

7.            Meijer

8.            Pete’s

9.            Piggly Wiggly Midwest

10.          Roundy’s

11.          Safeway (Northern California)

12.          Sunset Foods

13.          Tony’s

14.          Walmart (Nationwide)

15.          Walt’s

16.          Woodman’s

The locations presented above are stores where our products should be found, but please call your local grocery store to confirm they are in stock. If there not a retail location near you, you can order online and have your caramel apples in days.