Affy Tapple in the Community

We love taking a break from making our Caramel Apples to give back to the community whenever we can. View some of our recent activity.

Affy Tapple Support the UPS Wishes Delivered Program

Our partners at UPS run a wonderful program called Wishes Delivered. They gave us a chance to participate this holiday. A teacher in St. Louis wanted to thank her mother a former teacher for volunteering for nearly an entire year to give extra support to a classroom in need. Jennifer wrote on the Wishes site:
This past school year, I took on a very difficult teaching position in the most poverty-stricken area in St. Louis. There were so many challenges and issues for these kids. I knew I would need help, if I were to address their emotional needs and even more importantly their emotional and physical needs. My mom, a former teacher, came to school as a volunteer almost every school year for a year. She brought donations of food, clothing, school supplies and more. She was there for every lesson to maximize their focus and make them feel like they mattered. Thank you to my mom, Ms. Dee Dee!
We sent Caramel Apples and Caramel Corn for all of her students. For Jennifer we provided a Mrs Prindables Gourmet Caramel Apple and for her mother we shared a Mrs Prindables Gift Basket. The result was priceless!

AffyTapple Supports UPS Wishes Delivered Program

Undercover Congressman at Affy Tapple

United States Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) spent a day at Affy Tapple as part of his Undercover Congressman program. Rep. Quigley worked “undercover” as an operator on a sticking machine, which puts the sticks into the apple, applied toppings to gourmet apples, packaged products, and helped cook caramel.

Rep. Quigley’s visit included a tour of the factory with the president and CEO of Affy Tapple, Stuart Sorkin, who explained the process of making their famous caramel apples. After trying out a few jobs Rep. Quigley’s was given a tour of the factory with the president and CEO of Affy Tapple, Stuart Sorkin, who explained the process of making our famous caramel apples.

Undercover Congressman at Affy Tapple

Affy Man Delivers Fundraising Apples to Pritzker School

Affy Man was in the field today delivering cases of Caramel Apples to the Cheer Team at A. N. Pritzker School for their fall fundraiser! The team invited Affy Man to visit the school so we decided to have him personally deliver their Fundraising order. Affy Man got a quick dance lesson from the cheer team. Then walked the halls and visited the classroom. Everywhere he went he was followed by cheers from the kids in the school!

AffyMan Delivers Fundraising Apples