Affy Tapple - Beloved By Chicagoans For Over 50 Years!

We are proud of our heritage as Chicago's Famous Caramel Apple. See how we've grown thru the years:

  • 1948The first Affy Tapple was created by the Kastrup family. According to history, this was the first caramel apple created in the United States-which is why our tagline is "The Original Caramel Apple!" And, we still use the same caramel recipe developed by Mrs. Edna Kastrup in 1948!

  • 1952The Kastrup family opens an Affy Tapple store at 7117 Clark Street in Chicago. Why the name Affy Tapple? So it would be the first name in the phone book!

  • 1960Schools start selling Affy Tapples to raise funds for programs. "Affy Tapple Day" quickly becomes one of the most popular days of the school year!

  • 1980'sAffy Tapple becomes available in grocery stores all over Chicagoland including Jewel-Osco, and Walgreens.

  • 1995The Founding Family—the Kastrups—sell the company to private investors.

  • 2000Affy Tapple moves from its original location on Clark Street to a new state-of-the-art facility in Niles, IL.

  • 2003Affy Tapple purchases Mrs. Prindables, a gourmet apple and confectionary company.

  • 2007Affy Tapple renovates the Factory Store and continues to be a Chicago favorite.